Kidman Park OSHClub (S.A)

“Welcome to Kidman Park OSHClub”

OSHClub works in partnership with your school to provide Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services.
At OSHClub, children enjoy a fun, learning experience.
From exciting activities and healthy, nutritious food, to caring, motivated team members, you can be sure your child is safe and has lots of fun, before or after school.

What happens at OSHC?
We offer engaging activities for all ages, including arts and craft, games, cooking, sports, drama, board games, dress-ups and fun with friends.
On request from parents, children can also participate in homework club. The service provides delicious and healthy food for breakfast at Before School Care and afternoon tea at After School Care.
Our team
OSHClub is Australia’s highest quality OSHC provider, with 91% of our services meeting or exceeding the National Quality Standard.
At OSHClub, your child will always be in the care of friendly, qualified and experienced educators, who all have ‘Working with Children’ clearances. Our Coordinators are trained in first aid, CPR, asthma and anaphylaxis.”

ProgramTimesFull FeeAfter CCBAfter CCB and CCR
After School Care 03:10:00 PM - 06:00:00 PM $28.30
Before School Care 07:15:00 AM - 08:45:00 AM $18.50
Vacation Care 07:15:00 AM - 06:00:00 PM $63.00
* This is an estimate only - fees are valid from start of Term 1, 2018

Child Care Benefit

Many families are entitled to receive Child Care Benefit (CCB) to help cover the cost of approved child care. CCB is income tested and is paid directly to OSHClub to reduce your out of pocket expenses. Some eligibility requirements exist. To apply for CCB or to find out more about the payments available to parents please contact the Department of Human Services on 13 61 50 or go to their website.

Child Care Rebate

In addition to CCB, many families are also eligible for Child Care Rebate (CCR). CCR is not means tested – therefore you may be entitled to this even if your household is not eligible for CCB.

If you choose to have your CCR payments sent to OSHClub, this can reduce your out of pockets expenses even further.

Some eligibility requirements exist, so please contact the Department of Human Services on 13 61 50 or go to their website to apply or find out more information.

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