Important COVID updates

Update: Friday, 22 April 2022

Vic Only

  • Masks are no longer required in schools, however; if you wish to continue to wear a mask for your own benefit please do so.
  • Close contacts of someone with COVID-19 no longer have to quarantine. However, they will have to wear a mask indoors, avoid sensitive settings and record at least five negative rapid tests in the seven days after they were first in close contact
  • People who have had COVID-19 will now be exempt from testing or quarantining within a 12-week period.

Our COVID Safe plans are still required and are available in all our services.

For further information please visit

We thank you for your continual understanding and support.


Update: Friday, 1 April 2022

OSHClub is ensuring that in line with Government Health Authority advice, we are implementing our COVID-safe practices to provide a safe, supportive and, most importantly, fun environment for our kids as they return to school.

Here is what you can expect:


Mask wearing is permitted in all environments where social distancing cannot be achieved and inside the OSHC room. Masks can be removed if necessary to correctly enunciate words when guiding children’s learning, while eating/drinking, to identify an individual or in emergency situations.

Vic: Mask wearing continues to be required for Educators and children in Grade 3 and above while inside the OSHC program.

NSW: Mask wearing is encouraged for children below the age of 12 but is not mandated. The Government will provide surgical masks to all schools.

ACT: Mask wearing is encouraged for children below the age of 12 but is not mandated.

Qld: Mask wearing for Grade 3 and above is encouraged but is not mandated. More information surrounding Qld requirements will be available soon.

WA: Mandatory masks are not yet necessary for children in Grade 3 and above unless a high caseload environment is reached, but any individual aged 13 and above are required to wear masks indoors in Perth, Peel and the South West regions.

Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT)

Vic and NSW: The Vic and NSW Government are providing over 26 million Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) combined to commence ‘surveillance testing’ in all schools for at least the first four weeks of Term 1 for bi-weekly testing at home before school or childcare for Educators and children. Services are not required to seek or record the result of a RAT, but any Educator who tests positive must contact their Regional Services Manager, isolate and report their result to the Department of Health.

There are no current RAT mandates in place for the other states and territory. If this changes, we will update accordingly.

COVID Booster

Vic: COVID Booster Shots are mandatory for all Educators. If they are eligible to receive their third dose on or before 25 January 2022 then they are required to get their third dose by 25 February 2022. If they are not eligible to receive their third dose on or before 25 January 2022 then they are required to get their third dose by 15 March 2022.

NSW: Educators are required to receive their third COVID vaccination following the current advice of receiving three months after their second dose.

ACT: Educators will be prioritised to receive their third COVID vaccination, but it is not mandatory.

WA and Qld: No mandatory COVID booster requirements for Educators but they are recommended to receive it three months after their second dose.

Isolation Requirements for Essential Workers

Vic, NSW, Qld and ACT: Outside School Hours Care and Early Childhood Educators have been classified as ‘Essential Workers’ due to the shortage of Educators required to provide safe care to Aussie kids. This means that the isolation requirements if deemed a ‘COVID contact’ have been changed to accommodate this shortage. An Educator may return to work if they:

  • Return a negative RAT every day for five days prior to attending work for that day
  • Must always wear a face mask with the exception to eating/drinking
  • Isolate for seven days if symptoms arise or receive a positive test.

WA: There are currently no isolation exemptions for Essential Workers and they must isolate if they are a COVID contact.

COVID-Safe Plan

Continuing from last year and the summer Holiday Program, our COVID-Safe Plan is implemented in all our services with practices that contribute to minimising the risk of transmission of COVID-19. This includes the regular sanitisation of all surfaces, using outdoor areas as much as possible, parents to sign in/out while outside of the OSHC room, encouraging children to regularly wash their hands and social distance from each other, and so many more. If you would like to see your local service’s COVID-Safe Plan, please contact your service coordinator today.

We look forward to welcoming you back for another school year full of fun and exciting activities! It has been a challenging start to the year and, despite the COVID heavy content of this update, we will continue to provide an environment for children to escape the craziness and continue to have FUN while at OSHClub.

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon!


Update: Monday, 10 January 2022 

Welcome back to 2022 with OSHClub!

We hope you had a wonderful break and we look forward to providing high-quality OSHC throughout the year as we continue to build brighter futures together.

With the surge of Omicron in our communities, the health, safety and quality care of your children continues to be our biggest priority. For this, we have made a few changes in relation to the current Holiday Program period in NSW, ACT, Vic and Qld:

  • Outdoor excursions or venues that we have exclusive use of will be offered. Some of the scheduled excursions will be cancelled and replaced with fun-filled club-based days to reduce risk of COVID exposure.
  • Anticipated disruption to Holiday Programs due to educators shortages. We will provide as much notice of closure requirements or disruptions to services as possible, including alternative or nearby Holiday Programs available.

We encourage that if your care requirements change due to COVID, please cancel or remove any bookings as soon as you are aware. If you cancel the session before it commences, we will waive the cancellation notice period and you will not be charged (January Holiday Program period only).

We will continue to keep you updated as more health advice becomes available and navigate them together.

If you have enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact your local service team or Customer Service and Billing on 1300 395 735.

Thank you for your continued patience through this time.


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