OSHClub Caversham lend a hand to local farming family

Our teams are dedicated to strengthening our services in alignment with the National Quality Standard Quality Areas. The focus for one of our regions was Quality Area 6 which emphasises collaborative partnerships with families and communities.

As a group, our OSHClub Caversham service had a meeting where they thought of who is in need in our community. Thoughtfully, many of the children suggested animals which led to one child mentioning a Facebook article her mother showed her about the struggles our farmers and their livestock are currently enduring because of the drought.

The service, located in Western Australia, is surrounded by farms which inspired our team members to reach out to a local family who could come in and talk to the children about their journey and struggles. A local farmer by the name of Coraline, along with her mother and father in law, who run a farm in Gidgegannup, came in to speak with the children and even brought in two baby lambs for them to feed and play with.

Mel and Lizzy from our OSHClub Caversham team share the experience with us below:

“The children immediately calmed when seeing the lambs and patiently waited for their turn to bottle feed. We had lots of questions for the farmers like, “What’s the hardest part about being a farmer?” and “How many animals do you have on your farm and what do they eat?”

The overall response to the farmers’ visit is that “it was so fun to touch and feed them, we got to walk them in the yard like they were our family and we feel sorry for the animals that die because they are hungry.”

This term we are raising funds for this particular farm by offering homemade cupcakes and home grown parsley for parents in exchange for a gold coin donation towards our farmers. We have already raised enough funds to purchase some milk powder for the calves on the farm and are currently still collecting. Thank you to everyone that donated to our locals in need.”

We are so pleased to hear that our OSHClub Caversham team are helping a local farming family in need, and we look forward to keeping you updated on this story.

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