Tree of Belonging at OSHClub Moreton Bay College

Please enjoy today’s guest post from Brydie, an OSHClub Regional Operations Manager.

“We recently opened Moreton Bay College on 8/10 with what started as a very empty space eager to be beautified!

As we wanted to create that sense of belonging amongst the children and really help them to take ownership of their space. I created a Belonging Tree for the children to add a leaf that represented them, the instructions weren’t specific, the children were welcome to draw their family, themselves, their dreams/aspirations or simply draw a pattern that was their own.

The girls took to the activity quickly and only 6 days later the tree is already looking quite full as you can see. This has been a centrepiece for the service, drawing the attention of parents and allowing children to proudly show their ‘leaf’ to their families. The educators are collecting photos with blurbs written by the children about themselves to also add to this space.”

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