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We are so excited to introduce to you our OSHC at Home program. With many families spending more time at home now than ever before, we understand that you may be looking for fun and innovative activities for your child. That's where OSHClub has got you covered.

Whether you're working (and schooling) from home or are after ideas for things to do on the weekend, this free program will give you the tools to keep your little one entertained in these challenging times.

What is OSHC at Home?

OSHC at Home is a weekly plan filled to the brim with a range of awesome, engaging activities especially for school-aged children. Many of these activities come from our wonderful educators, so when you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you and bring the OSHC fun home.

Each week, we’ll send you an email with your Weekly Planner that has three daily activity suggestions. From STEM and cooking activity sheets, to seeing some familiar faces taking you through meditation or art and craft video activities in your own home – you’ll have plenty to choose from.

OSHC at Home Weekly Planner Sample

Click the image above to download an OSHC at Home sample planner

What you need to know

So, you’ve got your planner, let’s talk about the icons. What do they mean?

Our icons will give you the details on the activity type, theme, suggested age groups and whether it is a hands on or hands off activity for you as a parent/ guardian. Hands off means that once set up, your child should be able to complete the activity on their own or with minimal assistance.

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Using your OSHC at Home planner

Your OSHC at Home planner will be delivered to your inbox each week.

Your planner is interactive, so we recommend using a tablet or a laptop when accessing the activities. All you have to do is download your OSHC at Home Planner, grab a seat with your child/ren and choose the activities that you want to do for the week or jump in and do them all by clicking on the activity.

While we have the plan set out for each day, you have complete freedom. None of our activities are time constrained, you can do any of the activities on your planner whenever and however many times you like. Even the Live Streams we recommend are pre-recorded and can be watched (and re-watched, if you want) when it suits your family.

OSHC at Home What our icons mean

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