About Us

OSHClub is a family owned business absolutely dedicated to the high quality care of children. Our team is full of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We have over 20 years experience and run OSHClub programs at more than 230 schools across Australia.

Specifically, we run Before Care, After Care, Pupil Free Days and Vacation Care for Pre-School and Primary aged children.

Our motto is “Happy Children Learning” and there are loads of structured and unstructured activities on offer at every session. We also provide tasty healthy foods.

We've had some great people help us design the best possible programs and train our staff, including two of Australia’s leading experts in children’s services;


  • Professor Brian Caldwell
  • Kathy Walker


So you can be sure you’ll get fun and age appropriate activities at your school.

Our programs are great value too as most families get a childcare benefit discount (CCB) on their fees, and just about every family is entitled to claim the 50% Childcare Rebate (CCR) as it’s not means tested!

That means most families will simply pay half the advertised full fee!!

Would you like information about OSHClub running at your school?

OSHClub help over 230 schools right across Australia. We'd love to demonstrate how we can provide your school with a hassle free high quality Outside School Hours Care program. 

Please call us any time on 1300 395 735 to arrange an appointment

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