Before & After School Care

A Professional Approach to OSHC

OSHClub is dedicated to providing the best possible OSHC programs in Australia...we are doing this by giving our staff a range of activities and training developed with the help of Australia's leading minds in Children's Services.

Professor Brian Caldwell and Kathy Walker have helped us build and improve our OSHClub programs...

Learn more about Brian and Kathy...

OSHClub is leading the way in OSHC in Australia!


OSHClub is all about Happy Children Learning. All of our structured activities are built around an educational rationale developed by Professor Brian Caldwell....that means your children are doing activities that are developmentally appropriate for their age and in line with the very latest research!

Staff and Safety

OSHClub's team of trained, police checked and first aid/anaphylaxis qualified staff are there to provide your children with a safe, happy and caring place to be.


As well as our structured activities there is plenty of time to have fun and play with friends...children will have access to loads of equipment....Sports, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Science, Cooking, Toys, Games, Dress Ups....the list goes on and on.

All of this is to ensure your child is happy and doing positive activities whilst at OSHClub....Happy Children Learning!

Fresh Healthy food for Breakfast and Afternoon Tea

OSHClub provide a healthy breakfast and afternoon tea everyday at most programs. Healthy, fresh and nutritious and no NUTS! There is always a selection including items such as:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Toast
  • Dips
  • Soup
  • Yoghurt
  • Sandwiches

We also cater for varying dietary requirements as required. 

Bookings, Cancellations and Payments Procedures


To make a booking simply enrol online and once you have entered all your details you can book the sessions you need. You will need a valid credit card or bank account for direct debit. Click here to enrol online. Once you are enrolled most of your bookings should be made online. Online bookings can be made up until the day before the session you are trying to book. To book a session on the same day as the session, please call your program coordinator. Please Note - bookings made within 24 hours of the session starting will incur an additional $3.30 late booking fee.


Bookings and cancellations can be made online up until midnight the day before the session.

To book or cancel a session on the same day as the session, please call your program coordinator. The numbers are listed under the "School Information" section in your account

Please Note - bookings made within 24 hours of the session start time will incur an additional $3.30 late booking fee and same day cancellations will incur a fee. If a doctor certificate or statutory declaration is provided we can provide a credit for the session.


Some OSHClub programs don't allow for cancellations as they are full and places are strictly limited. These schools are: Girraween (NSW), Knox Grammar (NSW), Narrabeen Lakes (NSW) and Nicholls (ACT).

Please check the Key Information Sheet for details of your program's Cancellation Policy. 

If you would like a copy, please email; .

Where cancellations are allowed:

1 - Within 24 hours of session starting. If you Change or Cancel a booking within 24 hours of the session starting you will incur the normal fee as an allowable absence*, receive CCB discount (if applicable) and you will incur an out of pocket expense. 

2 - Cancellations made more than 24 hrs but up to 14 days in advance of a session will be treated as an allowable absence*. You will receive a full credit for any out of pocket expense if you have made the change or cancellation online or via our SMS cancellation service.

Cancelling online is our preferred method as it is instant and more secure for your child. Simply login (to your account) and cancel the session.

In an emergency, you can SMS your child's name, school and the session you are cancelling to 0421 268 989. Please do not SMS the coordinator direct.


*Centrelink permits 42 allowable absences per year. After 42 absences, CCB may not apply to any absences.

Remember, changes to bookings within 14 days of the session are treated as allowable absence and after 42 changes, CCB won't apply. It is important to be sure of your bookings before you save them, otherwise each change will be treated as an allowable absence.

3 - More than 14 days from session starting. You can remove the booking online and there will be no charge or credits. These are not treated as allowable absences. Simply login online and make the change.


Children collected after the closing time will be charged $2 per child per minute that you are late. 


Parents will be charged every 2 weeks for their fees via Direct Debit or Automatic debit from a Visa or Mastercard.


If your payment declines or fails you will be notified via SMS and Email from EziDebit, our payment provider, as well as a separate email from OSHClub. If no response is given, OSHClub will reprocess the declined payment in the next scheduled automatic payment run. If the second payment declines or fails you will be notified via SMS and Email from EziDebit as well as a separate email from OSHClub and provided with 7 days to make payment. If payment is not made by the date given, the account will be automatically suspended and access will be removed from your online account until the full balance owing is paid. Each payment that declines or fails may incur a $9.90 dishonour fee from EziDebit to your nominated bank account or credit card, you will be notified by EziDebit if you have incurred this additional fee. OSHClub do not apply any further dishonour fees. 


If the program is open for longer than advertised times (Eg last day of term) a Pro-Rata fee will be charged.