1. I agree to enroll my child/ren with OSHClub Pty Ltd ('OSHClub') to provide services and activities for my child/ren. I declare that the information I have provided on the enrolment form is true and correct and I have completed the enrolment form to the best of my knowledge regarding all aspects of my child/ren including any medical conditions and allergies. I agree to immediately notify OSHClub by updating my details and enrolment online if any of the information on my enrolment form changes in the future.
  2. I confirm that I have the lawful authority and capacity as the child/ren's legal parent or guardian to enroll my child/ren with OSHClub. I will immediately notify and provide a copy to OSHClub, of any order a court makes for the custody and care of the child/ren I have enrolled with OSHClub.
  3. I acknowledge that OSHClub operates at the venue stated in the enrolment form.
  4. I understand that OSHClub may arrange excursions outside of the venue during the Vacation Care period. Details of all excursions, including the date, time, details of the excursion activity (and its address), estimated travel times and method of travel to the excursion will be advertised prior to the Vacation Care period and will be contained in a brochure for each Vacation Care period. I agree that if I book my child/ren into an excursion to be taken during the Vacation Care period and my booking is accepted by OSHClub:
    1. it will be at an additional cost and I agree to pay this cost;
    2. I authorize and consent to my child/ren being taken outside the venue to attend the excursion;
    3. I authorize and consent to OSHClub transporting my child/ren for the purposes of the excursion; and
    4. Due to our structuring and staffing requirements, I acknowledge that my child/ren will not have a choice to remain at the venue instead of attending the excursion.
  5. I give permission and consent for my child/ren to leave the venue where advised by OSHClub staff or in the case of a medical emergency.
  6. I understand and authorize OSHclub to take my child/ren on routine outings within the School grounds or premises. I understand that not all parts of the School grounds are part of the Outside School Hours Care licensed area.
  7. I give permission for my child/ren to be photographed for non- public displays ie- only within the service and venue which may include the school surroundings, school photo board, school newsletters and excursion locations. I can choose to ask that my child is not photographed at all by placing a request in writing to the program coordinator.
  8. I give permission for my child/ren to participate in the program based activities organized by OSHClub for the days my child/ren attend the OSHClub service.
  9. I give permission for my child/ren to watch G and PG rated films and play G & PG rated games at the service and on excursion days if a movie excursion is organized.
  10. I understand that my child/ren will be under the direction and control of OSHClub staff, who will follow OSHClub’s policies and procedures (including behavior guidance procedures if required).
  11. I understand that if my child continues to misbehave after behavior guidance procedures have been followed, I will be notified by OSHClub staff and may be required to collect my child/ren. I agree to immediately make arrangements to collect my child/ren from the OSHCLub service. I acknowledge that OSHClub may cancel my child/ren's enrolment.
  12. I authorize staff to apply sunscreen to my child/ren when required, unless I have notified OSHClub on the enrolment form that I will supply my own sunscreen (which I undertake to ensure is always supplied) and my supplied sunscreen will be applied to my child/ren.
  13. I acknowledge that my child/ren may not be able to participate in outdoor activities unless I provide and they wear a hat.
  14. I take full responsibility for my child/ren’s belongings while they are at the OSHClub service including on any excursion.
  15. I acknowledge that OSHClub will not accept my child/ren at the OSHClub service if my child/ren is suffering from an infectious or contagious disease or in the opinion of OSHClub staff is too unwell to attend the OSHClub service. I agree to immediately make arrangements and collect my child/ren from the venue if requested by OSHClub staff. I agree that I will not bring my child/ren back to the OSHClub service until 24 hours after the illness or disease has passed (or until I have produced a medical certificate if requested by OSHClub staff).
  16. I acknowledge and understand that OSHClub and its staff do not take responsibility for and will not supervise my child/ren:
    1. before they have been signed into the Before Care or Vacation Care OSHClub service by a parent/guardian; or
    2. after they have been signed out of the Vacation Care or After Care OSHClub service by a parent/guardian.
  17. I give permission for and consent to my child/ren being given basic first aid treatment in the event of an accident, incident or illness. I agree to collect my child/ren if an OSHClub staff member requests due to an accident, illness or if he/she becomes unwell at the OSHClub service. I give permission for OSHClub staff to seek and arrange medical or emergency medical treatment if my child/ren requires it from a medical practitioner, hospital or ambulance service. I consent to OSHClub and its staff releasing my child/ren into the care of a medical practitioner, ambulance service representative, hospital or other medical personnel as deemed necessary. I agree to cover the cost and expense of any medical treatment and authorize OSHClub to deduct as a fee any amounts paid by OSHClub, by way of reimbursement.
  18. I agree and acknowledge that OSHClub does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any child/ren due to them participating in an OSHClub service unless the injury, damage or loss was caused by the proven negligence of OSHClub, its directors or employees, or is otherwise required by law.
  19. I indemnify OSHClub (including its directors, officers and employees) against any costs, expenses or liability incurred as a result of any damage or injury caused by my child/ren to:
    1. property at the venue or an excursion location; and
    2. any other child/ren and OSHClub staff at the OSHClub service.
  20. I agree to update and/or change my details and bookings via the online system using my user name and password when required, advised and at the beginning of each school year.
  21. I agree to abide by the OSHClub cancellation procedures and will inform OSHClub staff at the venue, of any absence of my child/ren. I will be charged for the session in accordance with the cancellation policy or if I do not follow the cancellation procedures.
  22. I understand that if my child/ren is not collected from the OSHClub service by the advertised closing time, I will be charged a late fee which is calculated per minute per child and I agree to pay this additional cost.
  23. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to provide OSHClub and the Family Assistance Office with all relevant information to be eligible to claim the Child Care Benefit and Childcare Tax Rebate.
  24. I agree and consent to OSHClub direct debiting (my bank account or credit card) all fees that I may incur by using an OSHClub service on a fortnightly basis and on a weekly basis for Holiday Program (including but not limited to service fees, Holiday Program excursions, late fees, late payment fees, dishonour fees, late booking fees and cancellation fees). I undertake to keep my bank account and/or credit card details up to date at all times. I understand fees and charges are subject to change.
  25. I understand that if a session goes for longer than normal e.g last day of term, a pro rata fee will be charged.
  26. I understand that if I wish to cancel or make any changes to my Holiday Program bookings without being charged, I'll need to ensure that they are made online 2 weeks prior to the dates I require my child to attend. Cancellations will not be accepted after this date.
  27. Curriculum days or pupil free days, cannot be cancelled unless a medical certificate is provided to OSHClub.
  28. I acknowledge that OSHClub may amend and update its policies, regulations or terms and conditions from time to time and the amended document can be viewed online. OSHClub will place a notice on the webpage advising when policies and procedures are updated. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to check the website regularly to ensure that I am familiar with amended policies and procedures. I agree to comply with all amended policies and procedures.
  29. I acknowledge that OSHClub is required to disclose information to the Department of Education and other government agencies. I understand that OSHClub adheres to the Privacy Act 1988 and will ensure that information in my child/ren's enrolment record is not divulged to another person unless necessary for the care or education of my child/ren, to manage medical treatment of my child/ren, where expressly authorized by the parent, prescribed in the Childrens' Services Regulations 2009 (regulation 35(1)(d-e), if required by law or in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. I acknowledge that I have read and accepted OSHClub's full privacy policy which is available online at http://www.oshclub.com.au/privacypolicy.html.
  30. I have read and agree to comply with:
    1. all operational policies and procedures which are available at each OSHClub venue;
    2. the regulations provided to me with the enrolment; and
    3. all of the terms and conditions referred to above.