Community and Industry Parternships with OSHClub

We are committed to partnering with community and industry organisations whose causes align with our mission to support happy, connected and resilient families and communities across Australia.

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Why Partner with Us?

We are part of Junior Adventures Group which means we believe it is our responsibility to use our global scale for good. Our partnerships are a natural extension of the programs we deliver in schools daily. When we partner with an organisation our goal is to create a meaningful and lasting positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

From national organisations like The Smith Family to local charities, we are passionate about connecting OSHClub to causes that are meaningful for families and schools nationally and in their local regions.

Our Partnership Model

At Junior Adventures Group we believe that collaborating with organisations who share our passion for nurturing and educating young minds enables us to create dynamic, well-rounded, and enriching experiences for children.

That's why our partnership model takes a considered and holistic approach. When we seek to partner with a new organisation or renew an existing relationship, we keep our families and local communities at the front of our mind. Our commitment is to deliver real outcomes and lasting positive change.

  • When we create a partnership, our aim is to:

  • Build communities that enable all children to thrive

  • Create meaningful, lasting positive change for children now and into the future

  • Collaborate to empower and inspire children through new experiences and programs that support their wellbeing and social and emotional development

Current OSHClub Partners

We have proudly partnered with a range of organisations extending from large national partners to local partnerships that ensure we embed ourselves into every community we exist in. Some of our existing national partnerships include The Smith Family – helping children to break the cycle of poverty through education - and Be You, a partnership that enables us to create mentally healthy communities.

Holiday Program Partners

Our holiday program adventures offer a range of off-site and on-site activities in addition to our regular programming. We partner with businesses that help us to run excursions like going to the cinemas, rock climbing, beach safety, and visiting zoos.

We also offer incursions, where we invite guest speakers or visitors to our services with activities like hip-hop lessons from a dance teacher, guide dog visits, and cooking classes. 

Please complete our Community and Industry Partnerships Expressions of Interest Form and we will review your submission.

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