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Does your school need a new outside school hours care provider? Partner with OSHClub today to arrange safe and quality programs at your school, including before school care, after school care, and holiday programs

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Why partner with us?

We care about our school community

OSHClub delivers OSHC programs through a School Community Partnership model, which results in far greater integration and involvement in the school community than a typical outsource model. This means we become an integral part of each school community, working closely with everyone to achieve outcomes that benefit all.

We actively listen and implement ideas from our school communities, ensuring we provide a personalised program and deliver on our promises. Our key focus is always on providing the highest-quality programs for children, while giving the best possible support to families and school communities.

Your children are in safe hands

You can be sure that at OSHClub, your children are in the safest of hands.

We are a proud Child Safe Organisation, complying fully with all 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and we are proud that 95%* of our programs meet or exceed the National Quality Standards.

*As at May 2022.

How does our programs benefit your school?

Happy Children
  • Create joyful experiences for both parents and children

Hassle Free
  • We'll handle all aspects of the service

Shared Revenue
  • Optimise the space in your school

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Our Rise then Shine, Stay And Play Program

"Creating the best start to the school day"

Our curated morning program is called Rise then Shine. It aims to fuel children's curious minds and growing bodies to get them up in a positive way to be ready to learn for their school day.

"Where friendships are made"

Our bespoke afternoon program is called "Stay and Play". It aims to provide children with a place to stay and have fun to create meaningful connections and friendships.

Super Sports

Sporty sessions help children develop critical skills and set them up for a healthy, active life. Focusing on children’s favourite sports, there’s something for every child to enjoy, whatever their skill level.

Activities include:

…and more!

Power Teams

Building team skills for life through games, challenges and group activities, these sessions span everything from obstacle courses to building dens with groups of friends.

Activities include:

Team challenges
Obstacle courses
Scavenger hunts
…and more!

Global Kids

Developing life skills and exploring world experiences, these sessions see children try out everything from sustainable cooking to science experiments. At JAG, we nurture the master chefs and rocket-builders of the future!

Activities include:

Rocket building
Eco warriors
…and more!

Creative Inventors

Creative play with a mix of expressive arts, materials and crafts, and even imaginative days of role-playing to create their own show. It’s all about fuelling the inventor inside and promoting original thinking.

Activities include:

Painting & crafts
Role play
…and more!

Brain Boosters

Code-breaking, puzzles and captivating games entertain and perplex even the sharpest little brain boxes. Children will be challenged to stretch their minds as well as their bodies!

Activities include:

Quizzes & brain teasers
Puzzles & building projects
…and more!

Zen Masters

From yoga to gardening to random acts of kindness, we practise skills and exercises that promote happiness, mindfulness and wellbeing. Children will enjoy learning the benefits of leading a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Activities include:

Zen Gardens
Healthy heart circuits
Wellbeing Warrior challenges
…and more!

Flavour Fest

Explore the tasty world of food and nutrition through fun and interactive experiences created to develop healthy habits.

Activities include:

Building Snack Plates
Run your own cafe
…and more!

Our Services in Action

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