Holiday Program Special Events

In addition to our regular Holiday HQ themed activities, incursions and excursions, we also offer special events. These large scale events aren't your every day holiday program activity and offer kids an immersive experience that they won't soon forget, such as our AFL Max or Colour Run events. Please note that special events may not run at all schools and/or all holiday terms. Please visit our holiday programs page to learn more about what activities are available at the schools near you.

Unforgettable experiences and adventures!

Does your child have a passion for sports? Do they love doing things out of the ordinary? Whether it's the chance to meet professional AFL footballers and learn how to kick the perfect torpedo, or participating in a cooking event in a real restaurant kitchen and understanding how to cook a scrumptious cake, our extra special events will make the holidays an unforgettable one!

Our special events are highly curated and unique experiences. Guest educators lead the day alongside the familiar faces that kids know and love from their regular holiday program service. Keep an eye out for the events on offer as they change each school holidays.


It's a massive footy day out like no other! In partnership with the AFL, we are running an event where kids learn football skills and techniques, do footwork exercises, take part in teamwork activities, and discover more about healthy food. The excitement is amped up even more with prizes to be won and visits from professional players.

Colour Run

If you've ever experienced the awesome buzz of a colour run, you know how much of joyful experience it is. To celebrate our organisation's participation in The Smith Family's Dream Run, we are partnering with schools to organise colour runs for kids on Friday 30 June! If your child is in school holidays - they don't have to miss out - as the colour runs will still happen at certain schools.

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