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Let's get ready for school!

An easy, fun and engaging transition to BIG SCHOOL is vital.

  • Our fun and enriching programs are all about:

    Making new friends

    When kids meet each other for the first time, new bonds are formed that make their transition to big school so much easier – it’s all about familiar faces and a sense of belonging

    Building life skills

    New experiences and shared challenges build confidence and resilience – which is fundamental to how kids look at the world, socialise and learn

    Caring educators

    Having caring and nurturing grownups around you means all the difference – our educators make sure your child is encouraged to flourish and have fun, every step of the way

    Having fun

    We know fun plays a huge factor in positive learning and development. Our programs are designed with the child’s needs and voice at the forefront.

    Turning a big step into a little one

    Starting school with familiar faces, comfortable environments and positive anticipation helps make that big step a much smaller one!

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Give your child a head start

Did you know that the moment January hits, your child can attend the school holiday program at your local school?

Attending our Summer Holiday Programs can support your child in establishing friends at the program and give them a head start to the school year before it has even started!

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Tips and resources to help you get your child ready for the first day!

  • Preparing for the first day of school

    The first day of primary school is a very exciting time for parents and children. Making sure you are prepared will ensure it is a day to remember.

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  • First day of school checklist

    A checklist of essential items we've compiled to help you stay organised on your child's first day of school.

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  • Recommended books for school starters

    Some of our favourite library picks to read to your child before and during their journey of starting big school!

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  • Healthy lunchbox ideas

    Here are some tips to help you keep your child happy and healthy at school.

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  • Morning routine chart

    Rise then shine! Download now to stay organised!

    Download Chart


  • For Before and After School Care, we provide a healthy, tasty and nutritious selection of food for breakfast and afternoon tea.

    Each service offers different foods based off the interests of the children, so we recommend contacting your Service Coordinator to discuss further.

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